We can print your dreams come true

A little you, with a giant spirit.

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We are Little Giant

We make 3D portraits of memories.

At Little Giant we can make a moment last forever. Keep your loved ones and special memories close to you.

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3D Sculptures

Our 3D photo booth takes photos of you in 360 degrees with dozens of synchronized cameras.

Cutting-edge technology

Using white light 3D scanning technology, it ensures safe, fast and accurate data capture.

A portal into the Virtual World

We believe if we can take what is in your heart, who you are and capture it . . .

As seen in

What we do

Capture special moments, capture yourself



Step inside our 360 degree photo booth where dozens of cameras will capture you from every angle.


Digital Model

Once your scan has been processed, a digital 3d model will be made and sent to you for review and approval.


Scan comes to life!

A 3D state of the art printer will now bring your scan to life!
You will be a le to hold and have loved ones and memories
in the palm of your hand.

Let’s talk about price

Committed to high quality at low prices.

Committed with you. We offer several sizes corresponding to the height of the figurine. Pricing is based on the the number of people in the portrait and the size you select

We're committed to high quality at low prices.


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“A Christmas Fair” 2018 will be held November 2-4th, 2018 at the Judson F. Williams Convention & Performing Arts Center. In addition to the fabulous shopping, the Fair will also feature a myriad of special events with delicious holiday fare, fabulous auctions, and photographs with Santa for kid ...

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What we do

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